PRO110 FAQ's

Q.  My machine isn't unlocking after the cycle?
A. Be sure to lock both sides of the lid before pressing the Vacuum & Seal button.
1.  Also be sure the locks are unlocked before running a cycle.
2.  If the locks are locked while the lid is open, simply unlock the locks by pressing the locks down with your fingers.

Q.  No Suction when I press Vacuum & Seal button?
A.  Check the gasket to be sure that it's not worn out.  Look for any tears or dimples in the gasket, also if the gasket is level with the plastic portion of the suction chamber, that is a great indicator that the gasket is worn.

Q.  One side of the lid won't unlock after the vacuum pressure is released?
A.  Do not lock the lid before the cycle, after pressing the start button press down in the center of the lid and the locks will engage from the pressure.  After the process is complete release the locks by pressing the button on the left side of the unit.

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