What is the difference between the VP210 and the VP215?

While the VP210 and the VP215 look very similar in design and specifications, the primary difference in the two machines is the vacuum pump. The VP210 features a maintenance-free, 2-cylinder piston pump. The VP215 uses a powerful, 1/4 HP rotary oil pump. While the VP215 is more efficient and runs more smoothly and quietly, it requires oil changes approximately 2 times a year depending on use. The VP210 does not require regular maintenance.

To cut to the chase… The VP215 will pull a little bit of a stronger vacuum faster. And by faster I mean, maybe 5-6 seconds. Typically the VP215 is best for consumers doing mass production since 5 seconds is crucial to their time/operation. In addition, having this unit in the kitchen with moisture, you may also want to opt for the VP215. With moisture, the oil pump will catch containment's and during the changing of the oil they will be flushed out.

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