Guidlines for cooking in Standard Chamber Pouches (3-mil, 4-mil, 5-mil)

Boiling (200°F or higher) - typically the pouch will survive the rigors of the higher temps for (on average) 20 minutes. This time / heat factor can be influenced by weight of product and / or how much air is in the bag. If you will be boiling for longer, we suggest using our Re-Therm pouches. 

If you will be “sous vide” cooking, under most circumstances our standard pouches are sufficiant since this method is cooking at “low” temperatures (below 180°F).

Microwaving - It is important to puncture or cut a small hole in pouch to let steam / air escape.  Normally there are no time factors for microwaving since the times are typically short.

Since there are many factors in using pouches to cook in or microwave in, we strongly suggest that users “test” the pouch(es) first before entering production. With many variables of heat, time, weight, contents, etc… it is always best to test / develop recipe before finalizing production.

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