How to change the oil on your VP215

Extend the life of your VP215 with periodic oil changes in much the same way that regular oil changes in your vehicle will extend its life. This simple process takes no more than ten minutes to complete. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Equipment Needed:
• Phillips head screwdriver
• 14 mm wrench
• Two wood blocks (20” x 5”)
• Container to catch used oil
• Vacmaster® machine oil
• Vacmaster® oil fill bottle
• Paper towel or shop rag

1. With the back of the machine facing you, remove the power cord.

2. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the screws in each corner of the back panel, four screws in all. Lift the panel away from the machine and set aside.

3. When viewing the internal machine parts, look on the left side and find the oil fill plug, the oil window and, below the machine, the oil drain plug.

4. Using two wood blocks that are three to five inches tall, prop your machine up on each side, going front to back, not side to side. This will allow you to insert a small container under the machine to catch the oil you will be draining from it. Position your container to catch oil under the drain plug.

5. Using a 14 mm wrench, carefully loosen and remove the drain plug and drain the oil. Use caution not to lose the rubber o-ring on the drain plug as it helps prevent oil leakage.

6. When the oil has finished draining, wipe off the oil drain hole and the plug. Replace the plug, tightening first by hand, then with the 14 mm wrench to tighten just until snug. Do not over-tighten as it will cause the rubber o-ring to break leading to oil leaks. This is the cause of almost all oil leaks reported on the VP215.

7. Using the same 14 mm wrench, loosen and remove the oil fill plug and set it aside.

8. Use the oil fill bottle that comes with every VP215, and insert the spout into the oil fill hole and turn the bottle nearly upside down. While watching the oil window, begin to squeeze oil into the VP215. The machine will hold approximately 3 ounces of oil. Stop adding oil when the oil level is slightly more than half way up the window glass.

9. Replace the oil fill plug, hand tightening it first, then tightening to just snug using the 14 mm wrench. The oil change is now complete.

10. Position the rear panel back in place and hand-tighten two upper screws to hold panel in place before using the screwdriver to get all screws in place. Do not tighten snuggly yet. Be sure to get the panel aligned so that the plug assembly fits correctly inside the cut-out on the back panel. When it is
positioned, tighten the four screws.

*Be sure to dispose of used oil in a manner that is safe for the environment and that complies with all local, state and federal laws.

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