How to drain oil

To ensure proper maintenance of your vacuum sealer, you need to change the oil periodically. After the first 25 hours of initial use, you should change the oil. After that for future oil changes, you should replace the oil every 60 hours of use or if oil becomes discolored.

Required Supplies:

  • VacMaster® vacuum pump oil (not included)
  • Empty oil catch cup (not included)
  • Wrench with 7/8” socket (not included)

Step 1: Prepare oil in the pump by running the vacuum process a few times. This will warm up the oil, allowing it to drain freely and remove any contaminants.

Step 2: Turn off and unplug the machine. Make sure your vacuum sealer is turned OFF and unplugged, before draining the oil.

Step 3: Locate the oil fill bolt on the side of the machine. Place an oil catch cup under drain bolt.

Step 4: Remove the oil drain bolt using your 7/8” socket wrench. Oil will immediately begin to flow out of the machine.

Step 5: When oil is completely drained, replace the drain bolt. Dispose of old oil properly, according to your local and state regulations.

Step 6: Refill pump with new oil by following the instructions here!

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