Liquid got sucked into my suction vacuum sealer. What do I do?

If liquids have been sucked into the pump and there is an odor, you will want to insert about 2 tablespoons of warm water and a couple drops of vinegar (to neutralize the smell) into a pre-cut vacuum bag. Place the vacuum sealer on a towel or near a sink area. Put the bag into the trough, then close the lid and run a normal cycle, allowing the warm water to be sucked into the machine. Once complete you will notice some water on towel/sink where the water exited. Remove the bag and then cycle the machine 2 to 3 more times without any bag, allowing the water to work through the airlines and pump, and then exit out the exhaust. Please note there may be small amounts of water/moisture under the vacuum sealer during the next few uses.

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