How to add oil

Before starting with vacuum packaging, oil must be added to the VP320, VP321, VP325, VP330, VP540, and VP545 vacuum sealers. Attempting to use any of our oil pump vacuum sealers without oil could ruin them.

Required Supplies:

  • VacMaster® vacuum pump oil (included)
  • Empty oil bottle with spout (included)
  • Wrench with 7/8” socket (not included)

Step 1: Make sure your vacuum sealer is turned OFF and unplugged.

Step 2: Fill the empty oil bottle with the vacuum pump oil.

Step 3: Locate the oil fill bolt on the side of the machine. Using your 7/8” socket wrench, remove the oil fill bolt.

Step 4: Insert the spout into the open hole (oil fill bolt opening) and begin pouring the oil into the pump. Fill the pump until the oil level is at ½ to ¾ in the site glass. DO NOT OVERFILL!

Step 5: Replace the oil fill bolt, by screwing it back in place. Plug in your vacuum sealer and it is now ready to use!


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